Pallet Racking Systems

Its adaptable design allows for easy modification and extension, catering precisely to individual storage needs. This versatility extends to the incorporation of various accessories, ensuring seamless customisation for storage requirements, regardless of scale. Typically configured for multi-position storage accommodating 2 to 4 pallets per bay, pallet racking facilitates the standardisation of pallet storage, with aisle widths suitable for both standard pallet trucks and electric lift trucks. Essentially a material handling storage aid, pallet racking systems store materials on pallets in horizontal rows across multiple levels, necessitating forklift trucks to place loaded pallets onto the racks. Pallet racks have become a necesssity in modern warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail centers, and distribution facilities, significantly boosting storage density.

The Perfect Solution

EMI Shelving is the premier choice for anyone seeking pallet racking solutions due to their commitment to unparalleled quality, customisable designs, and exceptional service. EMI Shelving is dedicated to tailored solutions—each racking configuration is easily modifiable and extendable, ensuring a perfect fit for individual storage needs. Their expertise allows for seamless incorporation of useful accessories, accommodating diverse storage demands, be it large-scale industrial storage or smaller-scale applications. Don’t delay. Contact us today for a quote.

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