Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring is a strategic solution that considerably increases unused vertical space within diverse settings like warehouses, distribution centers, and offices. Its real value lies in its ability to transform lofty, neglected areas into functional storage or workspaces, effectively expanding storage capacity affordably and sustainably. The adaptability of mezzanine flooring is unparalleled, offering the flexibility to adjust and relocate according to evolving storage needs or even during a warehouse transition. This feature makes it a durable investment that endures through changing circumstances. These structurally supported raised storage systems leverage the entire warehouse volume, offering a range of floor options—from steel panels to timber products—tailored to diverse requirements. The loading capacities of mezzanine flooring vary between 250kg and 1000kg per square meter, catering to various applications while ensuring versatility and functionality.

The Perfect Solution

EMI Shelving’s Mezzanine Flooring service stands out due to its myriad advantages tailored to enhance operational efficiency and storage optimisation. With a focus on maximising functionality, this service offers both structural and rack-supported mezzanine floors, providing diverse solutions for varying needs. One of its primary strengths lies in expanding open operating areas while minimising obstructions, allowing for seamless movement and workflow within the designated space. What sets EMI Shelving apart is its streamlined installation process, causing minimal interruption compared to conventional building construction methods. Simply contact us for a quote and watch as your space is transformed for the better.

Our Projects

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